When I started blogging at this url https://dearmarintan.wordpress.com/, I didn’t expect to win any blogging competitions. My intention was to free my mind and pour my feelings and experiences into interesting stories, and maybe who knows, beneficial posts for others. As time went by, my blog turned 2 years old this year (2012). I have grown bigger and stronger passion for writing than before. I participated on several blogging and writing competitions. I lost in so many, but with God’s grace I also won in some competitions.

The year 2012 has been a good year for me as a blogger. I won in two prestigious blogging competitions. This is good and I wish that I’d continue to win more, not only blogging competitions, but writing competitions in a wider scale. I wish these achievements would lead me into becoming a better blogger, more professional journalist, and maybe one day, a book author.


Dearmarintan  is featured on articles in several medias as the following:

~ Year 2012 ~


Foto bersama para pemenang Kompetiblog 2012 dengan Direktur Neso Indonesia Mervin Baker (dok. dearmarintan)

1. June 2012 ~ Winner of Kompetiblog 2012
*Kompetiblog is an annual blogging competition held by Neso Indonesia (under the Nuffic Neso, The Netherlands).

[Website Neso Indonesia] Artikel van de dag – 25 Mei 2012

[Website Neso Indonesia] 30 Tulisan Semifinalis K2012

– [Poskota News Online] Diumumkan, Pemenang Kompetisi Blog Nuffic Neso

[Website Neso Indonesia] Para Pemenang Kompetiblog 2012

[Website Neso Indonesia] Dua pemenang Kompetiblog 2012 berhak summer course di Utrecht (photo only)

[AntaraNews.com] 500 kata berujung studi ke Belanda (photo only)

[Kompas.com] Pemenang Kompetisi Blog Raih Hadiah Studi ke Belanda


Foto bersama para pemenang Lomba Blog KPK dengan salah satu pimpinan KPK, Bambang Widjojanto (dok. Dzulfikar Alala)

2. December 2012 ~ Harapan II Winner of Lomba Blog “Andai Aku Jadi Ketua KPK” by Tempo
*This competition is held by Tempo and KPK (corruption eradication commission) in order to raise public awareness about corruption and support KPK.

[Website KPK] KPK Umumkan Pemenang Lomba Blog “Andai Aku Jadi Ketua KPK”

[Website Lomba Blog KPK] Pengumuman Pemenang Lomba Blog KPK

Other publications


1. March 2012 ~ My Kompasiana blog post was selected and printed on Kompas Daily for the Freez page.
*Kompasiana is a citizen journalism blog launched by Kompas, the national biggest daily. Every week, selected articles are chosen by the editors and published on Freez page of Kompas newspaper. My blog post was entitled “Wanita Bukan yang Utama di Transjakarta”.

[Kompasiana] Wanita Bukan yang Utama di Transjakarta

[Kompas.com] Wanita Bukan yang Utama di Transjakarta

A twitpic of my interview with Marketeers Magazine (July 2012) about Korean Wave Influence in Indonesia (dok. @rbennymurdhani)

A twitpic of my interview with Marketeers Magazine (July 2012) about Korean Wave Influence in Indonesia (dok. @rbennymurdhani)

2. Chosen as Netizen representative for interview with Marketeers Magazine about Korean Wave Influence in Indonesia.

The interview is published in July 2012 edition. In this interview, I explained my observation on Korea’s strategy in growing its economy by penetrating its pop culture, known as K-Pop, massively not only in Korea but also overseas. Even the Blue House (청와대 , read: chong-wa-dae) used K-Pop boyband, JYJ, as a way to relax the tense and amuse the respectable guests during the nuclear summit last year.

~ Year 2013 ~


1. January 2013 ~ One of the Top 20 Finalists of My Selangor Story 2013
*My Selangor Story is an annual blogging competition held by the Tourism Selangor. This year, 16 bloggers from Indonesia and 4 bloggers from Malaysia were chosen to explore the beauty of Selangor (and also KL) on 25 – 29 January 2013. The trip is over, but the competition to decide the winners is still running. There will be five (5) bloggers winning prizes from sponsors for their creative and inspiring blog posts about the Selangor trip.

[My Selangor Story website] My Selangor Story 2013 Top 20 Finalist

*This page was last updated on 31 January 2013


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  1. Selamat yaa, mbak Intan. Hope your wish come true. Next year is just around the corner, be prepared for it. Good luck sist ….

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