I Hate Farewells



It’s been quite long since I last updated this personal blog. Some of you might have already known that I take part in My Selangor Story, a traveling event organized by the Tourism Selangor for bloggers from Indonesia and Malaysia. And now is the last day of our trip here.

Although there were some unfortunate things, I really enjoyed the trip. I already made friends with both Indonesian and Malaysian bloggers and all the things we have been through so far are great and I don’t want them to end soon. It seems like the journey just began. *sigh*

I never want to say this, but I hate farewells. I am a solo, the kind of person who prefers going anywhere and enjoying things alone. Now that I am used to the presence of my new fellow bloggers, it is kind of hard to go back home. Not knowing when and where can I meet them again although it is possible, whenever we have the chance to do so. But still… I hate farewells…

Anyway, I’d like to thank all of the participants in My Selangor Story 2013. Especially to my room mate, Engku Huda. She is a very smart, patient, and funny person. I couldn’t imagine what would I do without you during the trip. You have been so patiently answering all the silly and unnecessary questions I thrown to you. Thank you so much! I wish we could meet again, either I come back visiting Malaysia again or you, in return, visit Indonesia 🙂

For the rest 18 fellow bloggers from Aceh, Pekanbaru, Surabaya, Jakarta, and Malaysia, I’d like to say thank you very much for the friendship and good memories you have created. I wish that we could go traveling together again, somewhere, sometime, and create new memories that will last long like the one we just had now 🙂

Bye for now… See you again someday…

~ Vivatel, Room 935. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 2:28 AM ~


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    • @Tahid: cuma pengen? hehehe~ aku udah nangis pas nulis ini, hid.. sedih ah pisah sama blogger-blogger gokil kayak kalian semua :’) ayo, ayo, kita harus ngerancang agenda traveling bareng ke mana gitu 😛 next time aku cuma bawa backpack ato carry bag aja hahaha 😀

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  2. Nice write up. Sums up the feeling for the rest of us too, I would say 🙂
    It was nice meeting you and the rest of other bloggers too. Like you, I hope we can all travel somewhere together some day, or just have a reunion somewhere 🙂

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