Victoria is the sweetest among the girls in town
She probably is the fairest of all livings in the world

Ah, what do I know about the world?
Nothing but this small square called fate I have been living in
Mine is humble whereas Victoria’s is a silvery castle

Folks in town always stop by her castle’s gate every day
Hoping for Victoria’s smile shining upon their faces
Her smile is worth a thousand days
A gift to the fortune seekers
A miracle to the sick fellows

No one sees dear Victoria’s smile lately
Some even forget how mesmerizing it is
She seems to address it only to her likes
To the ones with marvelous purple coats
That keep them warm from cold weather

Although the air is frozen, folks keep haunting her front gate
Waiting for an hour or two
Believing Victoria will look through the icy window
And smile towards them

Oh, poor believers!
If only you had the purple coats…







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