My Thunder had Gone Away


Thunder had been a long time friend of mine
He was the only one, whose soothing voice sounded tunable to me
The body my mind always explored every night then

My beloved thunder, however earnest I chased him with this sick longing,
Had gone somewhere foreign with his pretty rumbles
And as the old clock tickling his belly, he faded away

When everyone in this grey town
Cheerfully celebrated the marriage of golden sun and blue-sea sky
I was crying on the corner, missing my thunder’s comforting whispers



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    • Hello, Ratri.. Is this your first time blogwalking here? If yes, I’d like to say thank you for stopping by 🙂

      Anyway, I used to write long poems that sometimes I think they’re like a short story, hehe.. well, anyway, writing poems is something that I cannot predict how long it would be.. it depends on both my feelings and something that inspired me at the moment of writing..

      do you write poems, too? if yes, please don’t hesitate putting your blog link here and I’ll visit yours 🙂

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