My Gratitude Box Project











































Oh how time goes by so fast. It’s like 4 months to go to another new year~

Mulai merasa ga sih kalo waktu itu cepet banget berlalu? Atau pernah ga kepikiran kalo sehari tuh kayaknya kurang kalo cuma 24 jam aja? Well, that’s what I’ve felt recently~ But I won’t let the time passing by in vain… I wanna be a better person day by day, in many years to come~ So I decided to start counting on the blessings in my life.

Many people think this is another life project that soon will be forgotten and abandoned as time passing me by. But I don’t think so, lagipula setelah gue mencoba untuk ngejalanin My Gratitude Box project (MGBP) ini ternyata cukup menyenangkan. It’s like saving all the blessings and good times, even the littlest ones, into a box and I’m really looking forward to open it by the end of the year to count how many God have given me ^^

Call me childish, but it’s actually so much fun! I’ve been trying not to open the box and count how many blessings I’ve got. Hehehehe 😀 I even think it’s way better than making a list of new year’s resolutions which, by the way, I never succeeded to do.

Anyways, I realized that today I’ve got 5 things to be grateful about and will lock them down on MGBP. What about you? Have you count your blessings and feel grateful about them today?


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  1. @Opat: Hehehe iya deh, pat, apa kata lo aja biar lo seneng 😀

    @evillya: hehehehe, it’s a lot of fun! surprised, eh?

    @Mba Nisa: iya, tapi cobaan terberatnya adalah menahan diri untuk ga buka ‘celengan syukur’ ini dan ngitung berapa jumlahnya sebelum akhir tahun hehehehe 😀

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