In Love with Kobo <3


I’ve installed this application on my android a couple weeks ago and now I feel like writing how I love this ebook reader!

This app has tons of great ebooks and most of the classic novels are free (yeaaayyy!!!) Jadi ga heranlah kalo tangan gue langsung gatel ngedownload karya-karyanya Austen, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Hawthorne, Tolstoy, dll hehehehe ^^

The most fun part of this app is its social status and reading life awards I can earn from reading. Rasanya seperti dikasih gelar kehormatan gitu setiap abis baca sesuatu hehehe… Like when I finished reading ‘Daughter of Joy’ by Kathleen Morgan, Kobo awarded me a ‘Not an Open Book’ badge. And it feels so good and even motivated me to read more and more.

Now I’m reading ‘The Scarlet Letter’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne and hoping that I would have finished it by the end of next week. I used to read that novel for my Book Report class anyway, I never thought I would read it again for my reading pleasure.

Anyway, I really recommend this application to you guys. If you happen to be a bookworm or a literature enthusiast, this app is totally a must install on your phone!


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  1. semakin membakar semangatku untuk beli si robot ijo ini. huhuhu. ada di android market ya? bisa buka e-book yang udah ada sebelumnya ato cuma buka e-book yang ada di app?

  2. ih, Scarlet Letter tuh ya faforitnya profku kalo di kelas.
    Tiap kali bahas materi contohnya pasti novel ituuuuuuuuuuuu mulu, aku sampe hafal cerita sak dialog”nya, LOL ..

    Kamu memang harus banyak baca buku” high lit kalau mau lanjut S2 tan, buat tabungan biar nggak keki kalo lagi bahas materi. *aku cuma bisa melongo karena banyak buku high lit yang belum kubaca*

    happy for ya =D

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