Concern at the Moment: Barbaric Orangutan Boxing in Thailand


Two Orangutans forced to fight

This post is quite special because it has no direct relation to my career as a journalist… It is about Orangutans existence. Orangutans are Indonesia’s original primates yet we rarely see them since men destroy their habitats.

I watched tv today and found out that they become less and lesser in quantity because of forests damaging… Besides that, many countries allow these primates to be exploited for cruel amusement.

You might have never thought about this before, but see these pictures and you’ll find out what I concern about at the moment…

It’s Orangutan Boxing performed in Thailand. I couldn’t believe that the government (Indonesian government, especially) barely care about this matter…

If they did, this wouldn’t ever happen to the poor primates.

see the Orangutan’s expression below…

28 July 2004, Safari World. The performance still continues until today...

Only sick people would treat them like this

Tired and exploited after boxing

Winning or losing, the result is the same... pathetically exploited

This barbaric practice still occurs until today. Both Thailand and Indonesia should be ashamed of this undignified kind of amusement… Now that so many people know this… will the government just abandon this matter?

Click this link. Let’s do something to save them.

If we do something, orangutans won’t be history to tell the next generations.


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