Concern at the Moment: Chaos at Busway Shelter


It may seem ordinary to you, but I bet if you look closely to this chaotic shelter…you will wonder what the reason behind this Busway Project was…

Anyway, since I’m a journalist, it becomes a routine for me to take public transport… and Transjakarta bus is one of my most-ride-on…

So, here are some pictures to describe the chaos at Busway Shelter

and this one, too…

Who knows that a busway shelter bridge can be a strategic market,too?

The disabled (even) make a living here…

Jakarta’s traffic hell at night? Busway proves itself helpless…

Always save the best for the last… Well, how about this funny scene I saw on a Transjakarta bus? 😀

Let’s hope that Jakarta soon awake from this traffic nitemare… Transjakarta bus and its busway shelter should have become a solution to the metropolis city’s traffic problem.

The question is just…. When will that happen? You answer.

*all photos originally taken by Marintan


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